Staff of Embers

Staff +1 with One use per Day of Embershot


First Level Spell

Range: 40 yards + 5yards/level Components:V,S,M
Duration: Instantaneous Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: 1 Creature Saving Throw: 1/2

When this spell is cast a small ball of burning embers is shot forth from the caster’s hand towards the target dealing 1d4+1 (+2 per level of the caster past 1st level). Victims may make a saving throw vs. spell for 1/2 damage. Wood and other easily flammable materials also must make a saving throw vs. spell or be set on fire. The material components for this spell is a small pinch of ashes or sulfur.

This staff was created by Adraxis Kyte. The overseer of Veldrin Alean’ana and the most prominent mage in the accursed camp. It seems to be made of ashwood holding a dark brown color to it with patches of blackish/maroon throughout it. On top of it sits an amber crystal. This particular staff casts Embershot as a 2nd level mage.

Staff of Embers

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