Chronicles of Ages

Adventure Log
Veldrin Alean’ana spent the past month getting acquainted to the group “The Accursed”. After going on a quest to eliminate the madman Dell, he was rwarded by his overseerAdraxis Kyte with the Staff of Embers. Later, when he went to gather reagents in the Dark Jungle, he was attacked by a large dire wolf and while using burning hands to protect himself, burned another half of the vegetation in the underground the Accursed used for survival. He was then cast out by the Accursed after a spell was cast wiping his memory of the area. Finding himself in a forest with only the memory of his teleportation gone awry he ventured forth to find shelter when he was attacked by a Drenelz, a large panther/wolf like creature with magical abilities. He was saved last minute by a man named Kalias Maigrel who then brought him to a small wooden fort in the woods populated by goblins.

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