Arch Gallos

Head of the Clerist Faction.


Arch Gallos has a slender build and stand only 5’10. He wears a long white robe with golden embroideries throughout either side, and the symbol of his faction, a flaming lantern, in the middle. He has a long cloak with a high collar that is also white, with gold on the underside of it. His face is wrapped in a white hood that wraps from his chin to the top of his head and has a golden metal band across it on his forehead. The only part of his face that is visible is his blind milky white eyes. Despite being blind he seems to have been blessed by the ability to still see in some way and has never been surprised before by a foe. His personality is calm and even toned when speaking. Rarely is he seen outside the cathedral anymore, only coming out to deliver speeches and declarations to his people. He carries with him a gold enamored staff with a crystal that sets atop it.


Gallos’s past is shrouded in mystery from all across the continent of Eldryn. He is an enigmatic character who seemed to appear out of no where in the small port town of Drell, where he first started the “Movement of Light”. There in a speech atop the gallows in the town square he was able to convert an astonishing 217 people, over half of the town’s population. From there his movement when as swift as it’s name sake sweeping across the continent. Nearly everywhere he went vast majorities of people began to follow him and believe the “Sovereign Light”, the one true God in this world. In the years that followed his clergy grew so large that they began to build an enormous Cathedral in Elyium, the now capital of the Clerist Faction. Once his position was solidified he called for a judgement upon all those that were magic user’s and ordered his soldiers and priests to destroy the numerous mage towers across Eldryn, in an effort to purify the continent from corruptible sources. Magic was a danger to the people of Eldryn and on a continent where most seemed to carry the gift of magic, they became to dependent on it in the eyes of the Clerists. Over the 40 year period from his start to guiding people from the top of his cathedral, Sol’s Lantern, Arch Gallos continues to pursue the unification of the people on Eldryn under his faction so that he can bring healing to them all. His most trusted bodyguard from the beginning, Caleene Ferramor, stays by his side day and night cloaked in her golden armor, leading the Radiant Dawn, his personal bodyguards.
“As the light rises over the nation, so too will it’s people rise up and claim this world from destruction.” -Arch Gallos

Arch Gallos

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